2020: An Overview

Many years from now, people will remember 2020. Why?  Most likely for the way the global Coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we know it, forever.  Was it for the better, or for the worse?  [...]

How to Create a Personal Website

What are the benefits of a PERSONAL website? It’s not that much different from a company website.   An online presence is very important and generally forms part of a great marketing plan. [...]

Creating an Online Course

    We all have skills, knowledge and expertise that may benefit others.  Why not monetize it?!  By creating an online course you help others and create income. Especially now, in 2020, [...]

A Business Website ‘Starter-Kit’

So … you’ve thought about it … you’ve asked about it … and you have decided: MY BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE! This is great!  A website is essential.  Most customers will expect to find you online.  [...]

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile devices (Smartphones, iPads, Tablets) are so integrated into our lives, it’s almost like it has become an extension of our existence …. Answer this: Where is your mobile device RIGHT NOW? [...]

Website Security – Safety First!

      None of us really want to think about the possibility of our website or blog site or even online store being attacked or hacked! It’s like having to think about getting held [...]

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