2021 Website Design Trends

  We want to make sure that you know where WEB DESIGN is heading next year!  Are you are starting a new website from scratch?  Does your current website need to be updated?  Here are some [...]

All about Blogging!

It is possible to get lost on the Internet in the blogging world!  There is simply millions of blogs offering content to suit every possible need imaginable! Business blogging forms a very [...]

Business Blogging = Powerful Tool!

Is blogging still relevant?  YES!  Databox’s recent study shows that 68% of content marketers find blogging more successful NOW, than ever before!   In this article we cover the following: [...]

Working From Home Tips

  So here you are, in your new normal, all due to Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown levels. Working from home Schooling your kids at home Exercising at home   It’s anything but easy.  [...]

Geek Speak Made Easy – Part 2!

Geek Speak = technical computer related jargon (vocabulary) used by computer geeks In a recent article we looked at some of the techie terms the IT Guy throws around as if it’s normal everyday [...]

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