2020: An Overview

Many years from now, people will remember 2020.


 Most likely for the way the global Coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we know it, forever.  Was it for the better, or for the worse?  It depends on what changed …. 

Each person, company, organization or institution was impacted differently.

But today, you are not going to read about Covid-19 and its impact.  You are going to read about what OpenHost blogged about during 2020!


In this article we recap:

  • What you need to start a website, blog site or online store
  • Blogging!
  • WordPress, Plugins, Themes
  • cPanel Hosting
  • 2021 Trends



What you need to start a website, blog site or online store – AN OVERVIEW

Getting online can be complicated if you don’t know what you need or where to start.  Several articles we posted during 2020 discussed the most important steps.

Here is a recap:

  • Find a Web Host – cPanel and WordPress are great examples
  • Register a Domain – if possible use the web host you chose for your site
  • Choose a CMS – Content Management System – like WordPress
  • Do your research to ensure your design follows the latest trends
  • Link social media platforms to assist with marketing
  • Consider adding a blog to your website or online store, as part of your marketing efforts



Blogging! – AN OVERVIEW

It is a proven fact that blogging improves your website’s rankings in search results!  Analysis also shows that blogging increases the number of website visitors and ultimately, improves sales!  Blogging is also a powerful tool in building long term relationships.

Do your research carefully!  There are many industries saturated with popular blogs!  The trick is to find a niche within the blogging industry.  Fashion, Food and Travel blogging are some of the most popular content on the Internet!  Ask yourself:  ‘How will my blog be different?’

Blogging for business is a no-brainer!  Blogging as a hobby can earn you money, as well!  Either way, creating a schedule for regular blogging and using social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog are only some of the ways in which you can boost your content.



WordPress, Plugins, Themes – AN OVERVIEW

WordPress logo

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS’s!  A content management system is a website builder.  You will need a CMS to create your website, blog site or online store … unless you can CODE and create pages from scratch.

WordPress offers great support, is fully customizable and there are lots of free plugins and themes!  So even if you have a ‘shoe-string’ budget, your online presence can be professional!

The number of themes to choose from is almost countless which means, regardless of the vision for your website there is most likely a theme for you!  There are choices for everyone, regardless of your industry!

Plugins not only makes the creation process of your website, blog site or online store easy, it also helps improve the performance of your site.  Security, SEO, design tools and marketing are all part of a successful online presence.  Many plugins are free and some even offer multiple solutions!



cPanel Hosting – AN OVERVIEW


Finding a control panel or interface that makes the creation and management of your website, blog site or online store easy, is first prize!  cPanel hosting is still one of the most popular choices available.

What does cPanel offer:

  • One interface with access to domains, pages, security, back-up, email and more
  • Services are a click away like hosting services and server functions
  • Quick and easy creative tools and features
  • Access to great solutions such as server efficiency and auto security updates



2021 Trends – AN OVERVIEW

Knowing and understanding future trends help you stay ahead in the game!

Keep these online trends in mind:

  • Online voice searches are on the increase
  • Online stores will continue to grow their market share in retail
  • AR, VA and IA are the future of marketing – embrace it!
  • Messaging apps is a direct road to your customers

These are some of the web design trends to consider:

  • The use of colours and gradients
  • Dark mode is futuristic and also easy on the eyes
  • Illustrations provide an authentic and personal look and feel
  • More and more animation and interactive features keeps visitors engaged!


Whether you started a website, blog site or online store or needed to update your existing online presence, we hope that at least one of our blog articles inspired you during 2020!


OpenHost has more than 20 years industry experience with domain registration, web hosting services and more. 

Speak to us.  We are here to help!

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