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cPanelcPanel hosting refers to one of the most popular Linux based control panels for web hosting providers. Since the first version release in 1996, cPanel has continued to provide an easy to use, powerful platform with all the main features and benefits that users require.

With this guide we will answer all your questions regarding cPanel hosting and if you have any additional questions you’re welcome to contact us and we will gladly assist you further.

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting refers to web hosting services that offer the cPanel control panel – which is a specific user interface which allows you to mange your hosting service. cPanel is considered to be the leading control panel for website hosting, as it offers an easy to use interface, is tried and tested and is widely used by many hosting providers.

One of the easiest ways to determine if a hosting provider/website is using cpanel is to try visit the domain name /cpanel for example:

After visiting the /cpanel link – you will be provided with the standard cPanel login screen, if that provider is using cPanel. Another way is to view the details of their hosting packages, or simply open a support ticket and enquire if they provide cPanel hosting.

Advantages of using cPanel Web Hosting

  • cPanel is considered the market leader in web hosting control panels;
  • User friendly interface, with graphics and icons to assist users in identifying functions and settings;
  • Portability – transferring from one cPanel host to another is a simple and easy task using the cPanel back up and FTP transfer feature;
  • Highly customisable, with the ability to change the platform language settings, themes etc;
  • Easily create email addresses, view webmail, create SQL databases and tweak settings;
  • Ability to view web related stats, such as AW stats, Analog stats and Webalizer to view website visitors and related metrics; and
  • cPanel is compatible with a wide selection of browsers, with constant security and compatibility updates being provided.

cPanel Hosting Prices

Recently cPanel announced a change in their licence fee structure which has impacted on cPanel pricing, however considering all the advantages of cPanel and its wide use in the web hosting industry, it is definitely considered the market leader.

cPanel hosting prices usually start from around R 50 per month, depending on the hosting package resources provided as part of the package, such as the amount of disk space, number of additional domain names and the number of websites or databases.

All of the OpenHost packages use cPanel, with a comparison of the hosting prices and related features provided below:

cPanel hosting packages

Astroid package – R 49 per month/R490 per year (2 months free) – host 1 domain name with 2 gigs disk space.

Booster package – R 99 per month/R 990 per year (2 months free) – most popular cPanel web hosting package, host up to 5 domain names with 5 gigs disk space.

Comet package – R 149 per month/R 1 490 per year (2 months free) – host up to 10 domain names with 15 gigs disk space.

cPanel Login

Once you’ve signed up for a cPanel hosting package, you will receive an email with the subject line: New Account Information, in the email you will receive your cPanel login details, with a link, username and password.

Simply click the link and use the provided username and password to login to your cPanel.

Help, Support and cPanel Tutorials

Help and support is just a click of a button away, all OpenHost support staff are cPanel experts, with over 10 years experience. Simply open a support ticket and we will gladly assist you.

cPanel also provides detailed video tutorials which can be found here:

Control Panel Layout

Below is a picture of the standard cPanel layout, with a description of each section and the related functions:

cPanel Hosting

Files – most commonly used for the File Manager to view, upload, rename files etc. Other most common feature is the Back Up feature, with the ability to create a full cPanel back up.

Databases – use phpMyAdmin to view databases and use MySQL Databases feature to create databases, to create users and to assign users to SQL databases.

Domains – the Add on domains feature is most commonly used, for web hosting packages that permit the hosting of additional domain names on the main cPanel. Also create subdomains from here and edit the domain DNS records using the Zone Editor options.

Email – create new email addresses, manage existing email addresses and set up email forwarders. Also access webmail from the Email Accounts option. Configure spam filters and track email delivery from this section of the control panel.

Metrics – View details of your website visitors, AWstats, Analog stats and Webalizer information. Included in this section is reports related to Bandwidth usage and error reporting which can be extremely useful when performing trouble shooting exercises.

Security – most popular in the security section is the SSL/TLS status, all OpenHost accounts include  SSL certificates, which means you can easily set up https:// for your website and display the green padlock for your website. Hotlink protection and Leech protection can also be configured in this section of the cPanel layout.

Software – additional cPanel services would be available in the Software section, for example OpenHost provides Softaculous which is a popular script installing software, easily assisting users to install WordPress, Joomla etc. Additional settings can also be accessed via this section using the MultiPHP Manager and MultiPHP INI Editor.

Advanced – in the advanced section Cron Jobs, DNS track and Virus scanning can be accessed. As well as Error page editing and Index Manager.

Preferences – in this cPanel section users have the ability to customise the control panel. Customising options include Changing of Languages, Change of Style and the ability to change your cPanel password.

How to order cPanel Hosting

Easily order cPanel hosting from, simply follow these few easy steps:

1. View our hosting packages and choose the package that suits your needs:

2. Fill in your desired website address (called your domain name)

3. Click Check and then Add your desired domain and scroll down to Continue

4. Choose your billing cycle, either monthly or yearly (discount of 2 months free) and then click Continue

5. Click Checkout and then simply fill in your details

6. At the bottom of the page, click Complete Order and simply make payment. Once payment has been received your hosting account will be activated and you will be ready to get started with your brand new cPanel web hosting package.

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