The Internet and Social Media – Facts and Figures

Why you should be VISIBLE ONLINE!

If the current situation worldwide, with lockdown being enforced in most countries due to the coronavirus outbreak, has taught us only ONE thing, it is that having an online presence is absolutely vital!

If you are lucky enough to still be working, you want to be sure that consumers know:

  • who you are,
  • what you offer, and
  • where to find you!

Do you have a business domain and website?

If you are in one of the industries that were forced to shut down due to lockdown, you need to utilise online marketing strategies to stay visible.

Staying in contact with existing clients and building relationships with potential new customers are crucial.  Blogging is a very useful tool for this!

If you can’t sell your products the traditional way, due to lockdown, are you able to sell it online?  Do you have an E-commerce site? This is easily installed with WordPress Plug-ins!

YOU need to do everything possible to minimise the impact.

Some even say that the World Wide Web, including Social Media, is irreplaceable when it comes to their businesses! Just about anything is possible ONLINE!  Are you a part of it?

Let’s look at some facts and figures, so you may understand WHY being visible ONLINE is so important.

The Internet / Websites

The estimated world population is around 7.7 billion.  Of these people, more than 4 billion use the Internet frequently.  More than half of the world’s population are online!  Can they find your business online?

More than half the population who go online, use their smart phone, which means that everything online are at consumer’s finger tips, 24/7/365!  Mobile Internet users spend almost three hours per day searching online.  On average all Internet users spend more than six hours on line every day!  Does your business, service or products come up in their searches?

There are currently (2020) more than 1.75 billion websites and more than 60% of the market share belongs to the most popular content management system – WordPress!

Do you have a WordPress website, blog site or e-commerce shop?



In a previous article we discussed blogging:

BUSINESSES use blogging to IMPROVE search rankings, GROW online audiences and in so doing, INCREASE their customer base.   Content Marketing uses blogs to distribute content in order to increase visibility and audience engagement. Just about every industry has blogs to attract an audience and build engagement.  People LOVE blogs as it helps solve problems, find answers or simply entertain!


Each month around 409 million people view blogs.  Blogs are rated as the 5th most trustworthy source of online information. 70 million blog posts are published every month on WordPress alone.

Do you have a website?  Why not add a blog?

Want to start a blog site?



How many people shop online … more than 2 billion!  E-commerce businesses grow three times faster than traditional businesses!  By 2021 almost 73% of online purchases will be made via mobile phone, totalling trillions of US Dollars! It is predicted that this number will rise dramatically in the future.

Here are some important figures for you to consider:

  • 91% of Internet users visit online stores
  • 84% search for a specific product or service
  • 77% make a purchase

Do you have an online store option on your website, for your products or services?



Social Media – Facebook


It took the Internet four years to reach 50 million users. Facebook reached this milestone in two years.  More than 3.8 billion people use social media and Facebook is the fourth most visited website in the world with almost 2.5 million users!  78% of Facebook users search for products or services on this platform. More than 140 million business use Facebook as a marketing tool.

Does your business have a Facebook page?


Social Media – Instagram

Here are the figures for Instagram – you will see why you MUST have an Instagram account for your business!

Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users and more than 25 million businesses use Instagram to target their specific audience.  It is one of the world’s most popular websites!

New products are discovered on Instagram by around 60% of its users and 92% of Instagram users click through to a company website or make a purchase.

Start your business Instagram account TODAY!



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