Why adding a blog to your business website may help save your business.

Surviving LOCKDOWN & Beyond

Our world and consumer behavior has changed dramatically due to lockdown.  Businesses previously booming are suffering.  Unemployment is at an all time high.  This is a global issue, as every nation is trying a balancing act to fight Covid-19 and keep their economies alive.

More than ever before it has become apparent that technology and the Internet is the way of the future.  From homeschooling our children, to shopping online, to daily entertainment, the Internet has become the most popular ‘go to’ place!

It is therefore time to re-evaluate your online presence.  Blogging is one of the most trusted and cost effective ways to build brand awareness.


Benefits of Blogging

Blog posts are among the most shared content online.  More than 70% of internet users read blog articles as it’s been rated the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information.  This means that a blog post is powerful enough to influence a purchase!  There are hundreds of resources to assist you with your blog, from publishing schedules to SEO and mobile-friendly optimization.  There is simply no good reason to not have a business blog!

Blogging Fun Facts

  •  Blogging started in 1994, by 1999 there were only 23 blogs. Nowadays there are millions of blogs!
  • WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and is used by over 60 million bloggers worldwide!
  • 70% to 80% of Internet users ignore paid for adverts and focus on organic content, such as blogs
  • 80% of traffic to blogs are new visitors

Choosing the Right Blog for Your Business



Blogging is NOT hardcore sales.  Blogging should build customer loyalty and grow brand awareness which is done by offering content that is interesting, relevant and informative.

Blog content will differ from industry to industry, business to business.  Ultimately your ideal client’s NEEDS and interests are what you should focus on.

Here are some ideas:

  • Testimonials / Customer Success Stories / Happy Customers
  • Current events. For example, discuss lockdown and invite your readers to share their stories in the comments
  • Offer solutions (tips) to common problems in your industry. Again, invite readers to share their tips
  • Discuss current trends in your the industry
  • Behind the scenes. Highlight how a particular product or service came about
  • Staff profiles. Write about the people within your business
  • Write about your community involvement – CSI


Using WordPress for Your Business Blog

While there are many website builders / blog platforms out there, WordPress is by far the most popular.  Read Take Your Business Website to the Next Level.

You need to differentiate between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.  This was discussed in our article What is WordPress?

WordPress.org gives you the freedom you want!  The software is simply … FREE!  All you need is a domain and a webhost / blog host.  You have the freedom to customize your blog any way you want! It has never been easier and more fun!

WordPress can handle text, image, audio and video files, is safe and secure, and SEO friendly.  Even if you feel technologically disadvantaged, you will get the hang of it in no time at all! You don’t need to know anything about coding! WordPress was initially created for blogging, so the framework and tools are all geared to blogging success.  WordPress Editor is an entire ‘toolbox’ filled with the best tools ever! It offers multiple users access, previews, editing, formatting and much more!  Posts can be scheduled and if you want to be really daring … there is an option to build and run a full, online magazine!

WordPress Themes and Plugins that Work for Business Blogs


What is a Theme?  Read more about it in this article – WordPress Themes.  Plugins are discussed in WordPress Plugins

No matter which industry you are in, there are plenty of WordPress Themes and Plugins to choose from.

Have a look at these themes:

Let’s look at some popular plugins:

Find the Perfect Webhost for Your Business Blog

 As part of your research and planning to add a blog to your business website, also consider your webhost.  In a previous article we discussed what the perfect webhost should have on offer to ensure all your efforts are maximised!  This is as important as choosing the right blog platform, blog theme and blog plugins.

OpenHost offers a variety of services at very affordable rates.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your blog options, webhost options, or domain transfer options.


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