Why is an ONLINE PRESENCE important?

It’s April 2020 and the entire global community is living in a world ruled by lockdown.

 Lockdown : Coronavirus – Covid-19

Social distancing is imperative in efforts to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Unless you are an essential worker, you find yourself at home with limited opportunity to go out.  All but essential stores – grocery stores and pharmacies – are closed.  No retail stores, gyms, restaurants, hairdressers, coffee shops, schools, universities or cinemas are open.

Life as we know it has changed dramatically in a very short space of time.


What is the impact of this pandemic on consumer trends?

Covid-19 and lockdown has changed consumer’s needs and priorities.  Supply chains and consumer demands have been disrupted.  Shopping culture has changed on a global scale.  Going to the mall to browse or shop is out of the question.  With millions of people facing job losses or at the very least, loss of income, spending money on anything other than essential goods is unthinkable right now.

Consumers are using the Internet to:


  • shop
  • watch movies and series
  • search for recipes to create their favourite restaurant foods at home
  • learn or teach, and more



And this is not a trend that will change overnight once we have eased our way out of lockdown.  People will be fearful of returning to public spaces for a while.  Some will choose to continue ‘living online’ once they consider the cost and time saving factors.  For a long time to come, all of us will have to turn our cents around before spending it, due to weak economies and job losses.


‘Online’ is the up side!

The demand for online:

  • learning,
  • shopping,
  • gaming and
  • entertainment

Is HUGE!  Are you in this space?  Is your business online?

Remote working and supporting online tools is another area that is growing at a rapid rate during this global pandemic.  Collaboration among colleagues is the new norm, using tools such as Asana, Trello, Skype, Zoom.  Do you have a bright idea that can add value to remote working?  Now is the time to stop dreaming about it and launch it!

Communities globally are uniting in this common cause that is impacting all of us.  Whatsapp, Facebook and many other social media tools are connecting us, helping us share information and experiences.

As we are confined to our homes we are looking for tips and tricks on how to make this more comfortable for everyone, and how to cope emotionally and physically.

Consumers are looking for ideas on how to:

  • set up a home office,
  • create work space for the kids to do their online learning,
  • utilise their living space to exercise, and
  • keep the little one’s busy with creative activities!

People are looking for flexible home space ideas to accommodate the close proximity living arrangements.  Is this your area expertise?  Is it available online?


Online Presence … How to achieve it!

Presence – Webopedia’s definition is:

(1) The ability to detect the electronic presence of other users who are connected to the Internet, through a PC or mobile device, and whether they are available in real time.
(2) The term Web presence refers to an individual or business having an established existence on the World Wide Web, through a Web sitee-mail, Internet advertising, blog, or a collection of Web files. Web presence is also called Internet presence.

These are some of the elements currently used to ensure visibility online and great customer experience which equates to a ‘Successful Online Presence’:

  • A Website
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Good SEO practices
  • Using Analytics
  • Creating and utilising an Emailing list
  • Great Content
  • Information that adds value
  • Online Advertising
  • Building relationships

Make use of the opportunities that are available.  Use the channels best suited for your business/product/service.  Maximise your exposure as best as you can.  Develop a new strategy for marketing and sales.

Speak to a reputable company about creating and launching your website, blog or online store.

Do an analysis of your current website, blog site or online store:

  • Maybe you need a new web host?
  • Do you want to register more domains and launch additional online sites?
  • Has the traffic on your current website, blog site or online store increased? Is it operating at optimal speed?
  • Are you drowning under the online orders coming in and your current web host is letting you down when it comes to support?

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