A Business Website ‘Starter-Kit’

So … you’ve thought about it … you’ve asked about it … and you have decided:


This is great!  A website is essential.  Most customers will expect to find you online.  Some may even be a bit suspicious if you’re not …

There is so much information … everyone is offering advice … You are confused …


In this article, OpenHost, will offer some guidance.  At the very least, we will give you some direction.

Because, YES!, it can be daunting!


 You do need to create a framework or even a vision board before you start getting technical.  The type of industry you are in and what your competitors are doing will help you answer some of the questions you may have.

 What type of website does my business need?  Start here:

  • Do research
  • Ask the experts
  • Work out a budget
  • Consider future growth
Now, let’s get down to the technical side.


 Choose a Domain Name and Register it!


It is no use having an amazing website sitting somewhere on a web host’s server and no one can find it!  In order for your website to be visible to browsers on the Internet or World Wide Web, you need a domain.  Think of a domain as the address for your website.  This is called an IP address (Internet Protocol).

Read more about domains and their purpose in our previous article – Want to Register Your Unique Domain Name?

Choosing the right domain name is very important! You need it to reflect your business. It will soon form part of your marketing strategy and needs to be unique.  Using your business name is best practice.  Also, consider how Internet users run searches online – which keywords or phrases do they use?  Take into consideration what your competitors are doing to avoid losing potential customers when search results ends somewhere else …



Find a Web Hosting Company

 Unless you are technically inclined and you know your way around servers and networks, you will need a web host.  Consider the different web hosting options available to you and your budget.  Most importantly, choose a web host who will allow your website to grow! There are non-negotiable items you simply should never go without – read more about it on this article – What Your Web Hosting Company Should Offer You



Get a Website Builder

Now, you can choose to go the coding route to create your website, or … you can choose a website builder platform, such as WordPress!  You really don’t need to know anything about coding or IT at all!  Everything you could possible need is available to you.  You can fully customize your unique business website with the endless tools and options available!  Our article, What is WordPress, with give you a glimpse of what awaits you!



Create Your Website Content

We suggest that before you start creating the actual website, you identify what content you will be offering your website visitors.  A Website Deconstructed, will help you start the process.  As mentioned, the About Us, Home and Contact Us pages are the most important pages for ANY website!  Depending on your business you may also need pages showcasing services/products/pricing.  Choose a website builder that allows you to add pages at a later stage, as your business grows.



Consider a Blog

Adding a blog to your business website is a great idea!  There are simply so many reasons why it will benefit your business!  You should seriously consider it.  And if time is not on your side, or you lack writing skills, don’t worry, there are solutions!  Firstly, if you chose the right website builder adding a blog may be a easy as using a plugin.  Example:  WordPress Blog Manager Light.

You do not need a separate site, although that is an option and again, entirely your decision.



Plan for an Online Store

When you first create your website you may not yet be at a stage where you want to venture into e-commerce.  This is fine!  If you choose the right website builder, and the right web hosting company, you can always add an online store at a later stage.  For example, WordPress offers WooCommerce as a plugin.

Remember this: An online store is accessible 24/7 … around the globe … Image your sales figures …!


OpenHost has more than 20 years industry experience with domain registration, web hosting services and more.

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