How Do You Choose Your Unique Domain Name?



Not everyone is super creative when it comes to creating punchy names and catchy phrases!  And now you have to choose a domain name …

Continuing from our previous article about the origins of domain names –…ique-domain-name/, in this article Open Host  shares  tips on how to choose a UNIQUE DOMAIN NAME.    ,




What is a domain (recap)?

On the internet, numbers are used to identify and organise websites = IP addresses. IP = Internet Protocol.  Your IP address is a ‘destination’ on the internet, it’s your ‘domain’ (like your home address = ‘your kingdom’). But it is difficult to remember a string of numbers (well, for most of us!), hence a name is necessary. This ‘NAME’ is a word or phrase that a potential visitor can type into their browser, and ultimately find YOUR BUSINESS on the internet  =www.


Why is choosing a domain name so important?

Ultimately your domain name becomes your online identity, the face of your business brand in cyberspace.  You need to think like your potential online visitor … which words or phrases are they most likely to use in a browser search?  However, steer clear of the obvious names … so now it becomes tricky … you want to be SEARCHABLE, but also UNIQUE, and convey the right image and values for your business brand, you don’t want to be mundane … ordinary … you want a name that is MEMORABLE!  Don’t rush into it head-over-heals!  Take your time, do your research, bounce some ideas off people you trust, sleep on it … before making a decision.  And once you choose a name, be sure to have a couple of backups, or variations ready!


Finding the perfect domain name – TIPS!

Understanding your industry and target market will help you find the perfect domain name. Here are some additional tips:

  • What are the keywords/phrases most commonly used within your industry?
  • Use a Thesaurus – play around with words of similar meaning
  • What are your competitors doing – you want to stand out from rest!
  • Consider how your business may grow and choose a domain name that will serve your business brand long term
  • Research well-known domain names and find the common ground, for example, Google, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter … yes, I know, we had to go there … Short, punchy, tongue in cheek, spot on! FYI, the most memorable sites have names between 6 and 14 characters long … just saying …
  • Choose the extension wisely – .com; .net; .org … consider how the entire domain name, along with the extension will look and sound.

You will find more information to help you choose a domain name here –


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