Want To Register Your Unique Domain Name?

OPEN HOST is here to assist you, we will help you make sense of the IT language related to domain names!

Let’s face it, the jargon and unique vocabulary used by those in the IT world, is not always understood by the uninitiated, and can make it difficult to follow the conversation, make sense of the process, and ultimately, allow you to make an informed decision about your domain name.

Starting with some basics, we hope to give you a sneak peek into the world of … DOMAINS!

What is a domain? 

A domain is the web address for your website, in other words, a domain name is the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your website, it is like your home address.  It consists of a string of characters/numbers and this gives your website identify.  An example of this is  Remembering a string of characters or numbers, is not easy for most people, hence, domain names where invented, for example, openhost.co.za.




How is a domain created?

A long long time ago (the 1980’s) in a land far far away … (OK, not really, the United States) a strategy started to take shape …

The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) came up with six TLD’s (top-level domain) names, such as:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .edu
  • .org
  • .mil
  • .gov
  • .biz
  • .mobi

Next, there needed to be a differentiation between countries wanting to use these domains, hence the ccTLD (country code top-level domains) established these:

  • .uk
  • .au
  • .za
  • .us

And so on …

In essence, all domain names are unique.  We use it every day to navigate the internet, when searching for information on different websites.  Domain names are the infrastructure of the www (world wide web).

How does a domain work?

Now that we understand a little more about where a domain’s name comes from, and how it originated, we can look at how it works.  As mentioned, a domain name is needed to navigate the internet.  When you type a specific domain name – openhost.co.za – into your browser, it sends a request to the network of computers or servers,  that make up the internet, and eventually the website you are looking for, opens up on your screen.  The graphic below explains it better:

Who can help me register a domain?

I know, by now your head is spinning and you are starting to think that maybe you should just leave it and stick to using more old fashioned ways of get your name out there …

Don’t’ worry!  There are companies out there who know what all this stuff means and who can make it all work for you?!   So you don’t have to worry about understanding all of this behind the scenes stuff?

YES!!!  When you are ready to register a domain name … visit Open Host, check out our rates and additional info, and simply click on – Register a Domain – we will do this all for you!  And YES, our rates are very competitive too!

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