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In a previous article we started discussing blogging. Mostly, blogs were started as online journals or diaries. As blogging gained popularity, more topics were explored.  Soon businesses started to embrace the power of blogging, writing about their industries, services or products.  Today, blogging is a very powerful tool in creating opportunities for businesses to improve online search rankings, reach a larger audience, and ultimately increase their client base.


How many types of blogs are there?

  • Journaling
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation

Journaling – Personal Blogs

People use this, for example, to share their experiences, promote a cause they support or teach something.

Content Marketing

BUSINESSES use blogging to IMPROVE search rankings, GROW online audiences and in so doing, INCREASE their customer base.   Content Marketing uses blogs to distribute content in order to increase visibility and audience engagement. Just about every industry has blogs to attract an audience and build engagement.  People LOVE blogs as it helps solve problems, find answers or simply entertain!

Content Creation

If you know your target market and you understand their needs, you can create content that will directly engage with them.  The reader is looking for valuable, insightful and engaging content.  It needs to solve problems, answer questions and is therefore the ultimate inbound marketing tool!  This information is FREE and USEFUL and that is why the audience and your potential clients LOVE it!


 Are you thinking of starting a personal blog? 


Starting a personal blog will also need a strategy, maybe not quite as intense as a company’s marketing or digital strategy, but some kind of plan to point you in the right direction.  Do your research and understand what blogging will require of you.  There are also technical issues to consider, so make sure to speak to a reputable blog or website hosting company about it.



Maybe these points will help guide your blogging dreams:

  • Will this blog have a specific purpose? Do you want to use it to make a difference in your community? Perhaps you want to make money online?
  • Is there a specific topic you have a more than average knowledge of? Do you want to teach your audience something?
  • What are you passionate about? Sharing knowledge, drawing attention, making money?
  • Will your blog be different? There are millions of blogs online covering almost every conceivable passion, issue or cause.  Dig deep to find a niche to make yours uniquely different.
  • Do you have technical plan in place? Do you have a web or blog site host to ensure your blog is searchable online, maintained and serviced?


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