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Which WordPress to Choose …dot.org vs dot.com


Our previous blog article discussed the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, let’s recap.

If you are considering WordPress as your website builder, research the free vs paid-for options:

  • org is FREE to download and install using your web host, and you can do as you please with your website builder!
  • Whereas WordPress .com is the paid-for option and there are limitations to what you can do.


The Benefits of Self-hosting Your WordPress Web or Blog Site



You need to consider more than ‘Free’ and ‘Paid-for’ options when planning your WordPress hosting options.

Here are some of the more prominent reasons why self-hosting is recommended by Open Host.


Domain Name

One of the best benefits is that self-hosting allows you to choose your own unique domain name! Once you have chosen a web host that fits in with your ideas, growth expectations and budget, start with registering your domain name, without this your web or blog site, is not searchable on the Internet.

No Design Limitations

There are also no style or design limitations when self-hostsing WordPress – you can literally do as you please!  That crazy idea you have been toying with … it’s possible!  Most importantly, you are in full control of everything related to your website!  So if you are the kind of person who gets bored quickly and always long for ‘more’, self hosting is for you!  You’re the BOSS!

Pop-up Ads

No annoying and irritating ads popping up all the time when you self-host, unless of course, it is your own ads, then go for it!

Extra Features

There are loads of add-ons you have access to, which makes you and your site visitor’s experience so much better!

Tech Support

Self-hosting packages generally includes a level of technical support.  Don’t kid yourself, at some point you will need an IT Geek’s help … having support on hand will save you time, money and a whole lot of frustration!


One of the best methods to secure your web or blog site via your web host, is suPHP.  Effectively it is a program that controls who has access to the back-end of your site.  This is very important as hacking has become part of our digital world and you do not want to be victim!  Choose a web or blog host who offers top security.


CPanel  hosting for WordPress


What is cPanel hosting? We discussed this in a recent blog article, but to recap:

  • cPanel is a very popular dashboard or control panel which is a user interface allowing you access to your hosting services and therefore you can manage it independently. It has been tried and tested since 1996 and is very user friendly.
  • With very limited tech knowledge you are able to use cPanel to manage your WordPress site, email accounts, domain names, database connections and much more! It is a ‘one-stop-solution’!


Installing WordPress

These are the very basic steps to consider when manually installing WordPress on cPanel:

  • Download the WordPress software from WordPress.org
  • Next you upload the software to your web hosting account – so make sure this is in place and your domain has been secured, before you start this installation process
  • Create a database and user account
  • Configure the wp-config.php
  • Run the installation
  • Then complete the installation


Are these installation steps a bit daunting?  Don’t feel alone!

And that is why there is a solution!  Simply visit Open Host to view our very competitive prices and connect with one of our well trained support staff who will gladly assist you!  Let Open Host do the installation FOR YOU!

Read this article to help you find a web host that suits your needs.  You will need to register a domain before signing up for web hosting services.

Visit Open Host to see what we can offer you!

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