Geek Speak = technical computer related jargon (vocabulary) used by computer geeks


When IT is not your universe and you don’t understand the unique lingo the IT dude uses, it can make life difficult when IT issues cross your path and you simply have no clue what the tech guy is on about!  Often, the tech guys are not very talkative people.  So they are not into lengthy discussions, nor very clear explanations, as to what has gone wrong with your PC, laptop, IPad, or smart phone.  The Super Geek looks at you as if whatever is rolling off his tongue is the most natural of conversations, and you must therefore be a bit slow if you are not getting any of it!  If you can relate to this, then this article is just for you!

Let’s try and learn some basic tech terms.  I know … it will be like learning a new language … but it’s the smart thing to do!  Jumping straight into IT … here are some terms that may sound familiar to you.


SSD Storage/ Solid State Disk

This is a type of mass storage device similar to a hard disk drive (HDD).  It is durable, fast and more efficient as they require less power.


HHD / Hard Disk Drive

HHD may also be referred to as fixed disk.  This is an electro-mechanical data storage device.  It offers a large storage capacity and is cheaper than most other devices on a cost per megabyte comparison.


cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a web based hosting control panel provided by web hosting companies. It allows website owners to easily manage their websites from a web graphic based interface.  cPanel offers many useful features, is compatible with different browsers and is very reliable.


Web Hosting

A web host is a business that stores your website on their servers, and ensures it is accessible via the Internet.  Web hosts provides the necessary expertise, knowledge, technology, support and other services you will need to ensure your website is managed, maintained and searchable on the Internet.



Servers are computers with specific computer programs.  It processes requests and deliver data.  It does this via the Internet or a local network. As an example it ‘serves up’ (deliver the data) your website when someone searches for it on the world wide web.



stand mainframe in the data center. Blue tone

Mainframes are large high-speed computers supporting numerous workstations by storing huge amounts of data.  It is very reliable as it can detect problems, report it and self-recover from system problems.


Servers vs Mainframes

Servers manage access to resources (like files for your website), and provides centralized storage for programs, data and other information.

Mainframes store huge amounts of data, instructions and information.


Now that wasn’t so bad was it?

We hope that this will help you to better understand the tech guy, next time he chats to you.  His special vocabulary, or IT jargon, is now translated into normal English!


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