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Setting up your new email in email applications

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To set up your new email in email applications like Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird or even Gmail, there’s a few email settings you should be aware of.

Outlook 2010 logo

Outlook 2010

We’ll use Outlook 2010 as a guide to set up your new email address that you recently created in cPanel on our Openhost server.

1. Start Outlook
2. Click on the File Tab
3. Click on Add New Account
4. You will be presented with this screen (See below)
Auto Email Account Setup
5. Enter your “Name and Surname”
6. Enter your e-mail address
7. Enter the password you chose to use for this e-mail address
8. Click next

Outlook will now search for and automatically try and recreate the server settings. In case it can’t find the settings, it will ask you to manually add these values.

You can find the values for your email account or in cPanel > Email > Email Accounts