2021 Website Design Trends


We want to make sure that you know where WEB DESIGN is heading next year!  Are you are starting a new website from scratch?  Does your current website need to be updated?  Here are some insights into the LATEST TRENDS!


In this article we look at:

  • Animation and Interactive Features
  • Dark Mode
  • Illustrations
  • Colours and Gradients
  • WordPress Trends 2021


Animation and Interactive Features

One of the biggest challenges is to KEEP visitors to our websites ENGAGED to stay longer and to COME BACK for more!

In 2021 ANNIMATION and INTERACTIVE FEATURES will be used more and more when creating or updating websites.  This is made possible with creative UX web designs and by adding dynamic elements such as motion.

Scrolling animation is a very effective way to convert website visitors.

Scroll-trigger animation is a great way to encourage visitors to keep reading.

Horizontal scrolling is becoming more popular as well and is a great way to showcase products.

Rotating animation keeps visitors interested and coming back for more!



Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been around for a while but it is really taking off now!  It makes it easier for the website visitor to look at their screen as the LOW CONTRAST reduces strain on the eyes.  Glare and blue light exposure IMPACTS our VISION and this has been a controversial topic for a while.

It has also been proven that dark mode websites SAVES device BATTERY LIFE.

The trend is to offer the visitor a choice – you can actually toggle between normal mode and dark mode on each page!   

Dark Mode gives websites a modern, edgy look.  The contrast created by dark mode offers interesting design techniques which has powerful visual impact.




Custom illustrations became all the rage during 2020!  There is no doubt that this trend will continue through 2021! It gives websites a PERSONALISED look and feel.

More and more businesses and brands are using illustrations and its popularity is growing!    Hand-drawn elements are integrated with the usual graphic designs for web pages.  It provides a hand-crafted, AUTHENTIC touch, inviting visitors to FEEL AT HOME.

Some illustrations have become so popular it’s been given classifications like ‘Odd Bodies’.  Illustrations not only offer diversity from the usual stock photos and basic graphic designs, it also speaks to a brand’s INDIVIDUALITY and uniqueness.

Whether you use hand-drawn icons, cartoons or hand-written script, it certainly leaves the website visitor with a warm, hearty feeling!



Colours and Gradients

Black and White is still a popular choice especially for the MINIMALISTIC look.

Colour minimalism is however, on the rise.  Bright, neon colours offering a FUTURISTIC ‘look and feel’ is now just as popular!

Trending in 2021 are gradients!  This is no longer just for backgrounds, it is just as effective when used in text elements.  Gradients add a sense of DEPTH, of mystery and intrigue.  Colours gradients are almost ‘life-like’ and three-dimensional.

Soft colour palettes used in gradient styles is also EASIER ON THE EYE – not just aesthetically, but literally more comfortable on the eyes.  As people spend more and more time online, eye fatigue needs to be addressed by web designers.  Pastel gradients are often the answer.

Colours that bring about calm, tranquil feelings are in – shades of blue, green or purple!



What is WordPress offering in 2021?

Here are a few of the many NEW and EXCITING trends WordPress has on offer: 

  • Thumb-friendly Mobile Navigation
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Search
  • AR – Augmented Reality
  • Interactive 3D Content
  • Chat Bots
  • VR – Virtual Reality

WordPress is still one of the MARKET LEADERS and you simply can’t go wrong choosing it as your CMS!  Not only does it offer you innovative trends, but WordPress also makes it easy to update and upgrade your WordPress website.  This will ensure that your website always offers a fresh, trendy, look to visitors! BONUS:  So many of the themes and plugins are FREE!



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