A Website – Deconstructed


In this article we aim to get you thinking about what goes into the makings of a great website!  Almost like a sneak peek behind the curtain or under the hood!  There is a lot to consider long before you start the actual creation of your website!


Landing Page


If you are serious about growing your business a LANDING PAGE is a must have!

Ultimately you want visitors to your website to be converted into leads and then … FIRST PRIZE – paying customers!  A landing page is part of your website used to convert visitors into leads.  This is the FIRST STEP to a meaningful relationship between your company and potential customers.

It starts with a ‘call to action’ or CTA feature.  This can either be on your website, or in an article on your blog site or in a social media post.  CTA’s encourages visitors to click through to your landing page where they complete a form that captures the visitor’s contact details such as their email address.


Here are some ‘call to action’ lines that are proven to work:

  • Sign up for …
  • Download now …
  • Limited offer …
  • Click here for your free …


Website Pages

 If you have chosen the right website platform and web host, there shouldn’t be a limit to how many pages you create or add on at a later stage.  These are the some of the most important pages EVERY website must have!


This page is like a glimpse into the ‘soul’ of your company.  Good stories add a ‘human’ factor to your business.  It makes a personal connection with the website visitor.  Outline your company’s passions!


Start with your company logo, tag line or slogan and brand elements.

Consider this when creating HOME page content:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Are you offering a solution to a problem or need?

You have mere seconds to impress a website visitor!

 Contact Us 

There must be a strategy behind your contact page.  The phrase – CONTACT US – is in essence a ‘call to action’.

Make it count!

  • Why should the visitor contact you?
  • What is the best way to contact you?
  • What will happen once the visitor has contacted you?

Offer clear, easy to follow contact options.


Website Components and Functions

 These are some of the components and functions you need to consider when creating your website.

Content Management System

CMS is an application used to manage website content without having to know how to code.  It is done through a user interface, such as cPanel and WordPress.  CMA’s offers perks such as built-in SEO, analytics and security.  It is definitely a plus when creating your own website without the help of an IT guru!

Search Functionality

It is in your best interest to ensure that your website’s search functionality yields the correct results.  Internet users get frustrated very quickly and will move onto the next site, if their search results are confusing.

Build search functionality based on variation keywords and voice search trends. Offering filter systems is also a great idea.  Depending on the CMS you are using, there may even be add-ons or plugins available that will assist you with the search functionality of your website.

Ask your web hosting company – they have the expertise to point you in the right direction!


Interactive Website Features

Enhancing your website visitor’s experience is very important.  You want your website visitor to be excited and return!

Here are some examples:



The Psychology of Color for Web Design


Still doubtful that colour choices impact the world around us?  Read this Colour Matters!

From cultural connotations and provoking feelings, colour plays an enormous role in our world.  It is very important that you consider your options carefully and research current trends to make the right choices.  Using a mood board is a great idea!  It comes in handy when choosing colours, themes and fonts.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this and that it is helpful.  Our blog features great informative articles!

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