All about Blogging!

It is possible to get lost on the Internet in the blogging world!  There is simply millions of blogs offering content to suit every possible need imaginable!

Business blogging forms a very important part of a company’s marketing strategy to nurture a client base.

Blogging for pleasure has also proven to be hugely successful!

The point is this:  Millions of Internet users around the globe immerse themselves in the content of blogs on a daily basis!

In this article we cover the following:

  • Popular blog content
  • Blogs that make money
  • Some popular blogs in 2020
  • Can a blog add value to your business?
  • Blogging Statistics


Popular Blog Content

 Blogging covers just about every industry known to man!  Which means the competition is huge!  Finding an untapped niche within an industry is important.  Especially if you are blogging for an income!

Fashion seems to be at the top of the popularity list!  The glitz and glamour that goes with it ensures a huge following on a global scale.

Next up is Food.  Whether you are looking for recipes or restaurant reviews, there is a foodie blog for just about every taste!

Travel … Are you looking for travel tips? Maybe you can’t travel and use travel blogs as your ‘virtual’ escape to some corner of the world!


Whatever suits your fancy!  There is a niche fashion, food or travel blog that will keep you going back for more!



Blogs That Make Money

Some blogs are used by marketers as part of a marketing strategy for a business.  Other blogs are created to share knowledge or information – it’s basically a hobby.  Then there are bloggers who blog purely to make money!

These are some of the top earning blogs based on content:

  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Wellness

The trick to earn money off your blog is to find a niche within an industry.  The questions to ask is:  “What can I blog about that is unique?”  or “Can I do it better than everyone else?”  or “Is there an undiscovered angle to this industry?”

Believe it or not, sewing is one of the highest earning blog types out there! Sew Some Stuff  earns an average of $2 800 per month!  This blog makes use of various integrated earning methods.  It is hugely popular on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

Understanding HOW to earn money from blogging will help you when planning your content and positioning within an industry.


Some Popular Blogs in 2020

 Depending on your interests you will favor some blogs over others.  There are different ways in which the popularity of a blog is measured.  In this instance OpenHost offers a very general look at popular blogs.

In the Parenting Blog category a favorite is Parenting From The Heart.

When it comes to Lifestyle Blogs, Bright Bazaar  offers the reader anything from design ideas to travel and fashion!

The Health and Wellness category caters for just about everyone’s niche interest!  Have a look at  The Art of Healthy Living

 More popular blogs:

  • TMZ – celebrity gossip
  • TechCrunch – technology content
  • 4 Hour Work Week – internet lifestyle/life hacks
  • Spi – smart passive income

Here are some tools used to measure blogs:


Can a Blog Add Value to Your Business?

 The answer is YES!  In our recent article – Business Blogging – we discussed this.  There is no doubt about the value of business blogging and the proven results.  What is important to remember, is that the content and the way it is marketed, need to stay relevant.  Keeping up with new trends are therefore super important!

Business blogging gives you an opportunity to do a ‘soft’ sell.  Content marketing is cheaper than other traditional marketing methods.  Statistics also show that content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional forms of marketing!  More than 70% of Internet users read blogs on a regular basis.


Blogging Statistics

As mentioned before, staying relevant is very important.  There is no point in spending the average of 3.5 hours creating a great blog article with more than 1 000 words, if no one is going to read it!  Keeping up with trends and statistics will help you plan smarter.

Let’s have a look at some blog stats:

  • There are more than 600 million blogs on the Internet
  • Almost 70% of marketers use blogging as a successful marketing tool
  • WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms
  • More than 70 million new blog posts per month are created by WordPress users
  • Blog articles with images receive almost 95% more views than the rest


There are many more very interesting facts about blogging.  If you are thinking about adding a blog to your business website do your research!  Create a suitable marketing strategy.

Want to blog as a hobby?  You should still do your research and develop a plan of action.  A stand alone blog will need a domain, web host and website builder to start with.  It is all doable, affordable and can be great fun!  And who knows, maybe your hobby turns into a successful and hugely popular blog!


OpenHost has more than 20 years industry experience with domain registration, web hosting services and more.

Speak to us.  We are here to help!

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