Blogging 101 : What it is and Why it is so powerful!

Blogging : A Brief History

Blogging has only been around for about 20 years.  Originally called ‘online diaries’ or ‘personal pages’, blogs were like journals.  Many, many years ago, people wrote in diaries and journals, expressing their opinions or sharing their experiences.  With the age of technology came the opportunity to share your stories on the Internet … and the rest, as they say, is history!


  • 1994 – Experts agree that the first blog was started by Justin Hall. He called it , and he used it to publish his writing
  • 1997 – the term ‘weblog’ was established by Jorn Barger
  • 1998 – Jonathan Dube was the first person who blogged about something other than very technical stuff – he wrote an article about Hurricane Bonnie
  • ‘Open Diary’, was established in the same year – 1998. This was a community platform that allowed different people to post different stories and also comment on each others’ work  This made blogging accessible to ‘regular’ people as they did not need to know how to code!
  • 1999 – Peter Merholz coined the word – BLOG!
  • More blogging platforms started popping up everywhere, one of these were BLOGGER. Blogger was created by Pyra Labs
  • 2002 – more tools were created to help ‘regular’ people create their own blogs and monetizing blogs became a thing! Some companies made blogging their primary business model, such as Gizmodo
  • 2003 – Google bought Blogger and made it freely available to the world! And just then, blogging was pushed into the mainstream and became one of the most powerful online tools!
  • In the same year, Blogger created AdSense, making it possible for anyone to monetize their blog
  • 2003 – WordPress came to life, allowing people and companies to fully customize their blogs and advertise
  • 2005 – Huffington Post was launched, catapulting blogging into the political arena

Today, personal and business blogging are both very popular.


 Why Blog – Personal Blogging

Maybe you want to share your ideas, opinions or experiences with others –

  • life hacks
  • parenting
  • battling an illness
  • environmental issues
  • humanitarian issues
  • Motivation / Success
  • Healthy Living

And many more!  Supporting a cause?  Blog.  Share your skills?  Blog.

What is YOUR reason for wanting to start a personal blog? 


 Business Blogging – A Powerful Tool!

 The most important reason for business blogging?

  • To get your website higher on the rankings – more traffic = more potential CLIENTS!

Business blogging can help you:

  • Reach your target market,
  • Grow your customer base, and
  • Increase your sales

Informative and engaging posts, along with niche knowledge, helps grow your online audience.  Posting frequently is just as important.  Establish yourself as a subject matter expert.  Like with social media, information or solutions are some of the most important reasons your blog will attract an audience.  New departments and career paths have been developed, focusing only on a company’s social media capabilities.  An entire marketing science has been created just around business blogging, incorporating other social media platforms, to ensure there is a vision and strategy in place that will draw customers!

Some of the most popular blogs in various industries are:

 These are based on traffic rankings


Which blog is your favorite?


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