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In this article we look at some FUN FACTS about blogs!  When you are done reading this article, you will either be inspired to START A BLOG, or think twice!!!


 How has blogging grown?

 How has the blogging phenomenon grown over the years?  The first blog was started in 1994 by Justin Hall.  By 1999 there were only 23 blogs, and nowadays there are more than 1.5 billion blogs! Almost every half a second a new blog is launched!  One of the most popular blogging platforms is used by over 60 million bloggers worldwide., blogs receive around 20 billion post views per month!


 How do bloggers do it?

 Most professional bloggers have four different blogs on average, but only a few of them blog full time.  Successful bloggers may outsource articles to ensure a steady flow of high level content.

Social media plays a big role in promoting blogs and bloggers may use up to five different social media platforms to do this.  Most bloggers post links to their blog articles on social media to drive traffic to their blog site.  This seems to be successful as research shows that between 70% and 80% of internet users ignore paid for adverts and focus purely on organic search results, such as blog posts.


 How powerful is blogging?

 Blog posts are among the most shared content online and the content marketing industry is set to be worth around $300 billion as at end 2019! More than 70% of internet users read blog articles as it’s been rated the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information.  This means that a blog post is powerful enough to influence a purchase!  No wonder most business to business marketers allocate almost 50% of their total marketing budget to creating content!  Almost half of the companies in the USA, use blogs to market their services or products.


 Blogging Strategies

 Businesses who post around 20 blog articles per month receive five times more traffic than those who blog less.  New visitors make up almost 80% of daily traffic to blogs and almost all of the people who share blog posts, do so because they believe that it may help someone.  If your website has a blog it has more than 400% chance of showing up on a Google search!  If you are consistent, and can pass the threshold of posting 21 – 50 blog articles, your blog traffic may increase by up to 30%!

Keep your blog updated, post regularly and post high quality content as this will help improve the traffic to your site.  A scary fact is that more than 70% of bloggers don’t do this!  This may be your secret weapon …


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