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OPEN HOST – sharing some fun facts about domains!  Yes, that’s right, geek-speak CAN be fun!

Domains are not all about geeky stuff.  Like most serious or boring things, there is also a surprisingly fun side to domains!







The Geeky-Stuff

Let’s forget a bit about IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers TLD’s – top-level domain, IP – internet protocol, DNS – Domain Name Systems … and so on, and have look at some FFD’s … FUN FACTS about DOMAINS:


Fun Facts!

On 14 Feb 2005, was registered … Happy Valentines!

Googol … this was the intended name for … you guessed it! GOOGLE! Apparently a spelling gremlin crept in …

In 1985 the Apple domain was registered … it was the 64th domain listed … but that did not hold Apple back to becoming one of the most well loved brands in the world!

The 100th domain was registered in 1987 … it took the internet nearly two years to hit the 100-site milestone!  Aren’t you glad they never gave up?  Imagine our world today without the ‘www’ …

Nowadays, 100 sites are registered almost every few milliseconds! WOW!  The internet is growing exponentially!

Prior to 1995 domain registration was free – wait … what?!

Microsoft forgot to renew in 2003 … ouch! So it can happen to anyone …

At the end of 2019 there will be approximately 354.7 million domain names registered across all  TLD’s (top- level domains)

The top three registered TLD’s in 2019 are:



  • In third place – .tk – Tokelau. Tokelau is an island territory of New Zealand
  • In second place – .cn – China
  • And in first place – .com

To date, the most expensive domain name ever purchased, is at a whopping $30 million!  Voice is a social media platform owned by Block.One

There is a TLD name – .xyz … which became available in June 2014.  The purpose of the .xyz was to provide a memorable TLD with broad appeal to domain users.  There more than six million registered .xyz domains

Nowadays plenty of new-age extensions are available such as .pizza; .photography; .blog; .tv …

The .tv extension is used by television websites worldwide, but is in actual fact a country extension for Tuvalu – a tiny Pacific Island nation.


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