Domains! Really Cool Facts!

If you are unfamiliar with what a domain is and its purpose read more about it in our previous articles:

Now let’s look at some ‘Really Cool Facts’ about Domains!

In this article we look at:

  • Interesting Extensions
  • Your Dream Domain!
  • Creating Great Domain Names!
  • Domain Aftermarket – What is it?
  • Trademarking a Domain Name


Interesting Extensions


Millions of domain names have been created and registered over the years.  Originally there were only 22 top-level domains (TLD’s) extensions.  Examples are .com, .net, .org.  Millions of websites, blog sites and online stores are created on an ongoing basis and the available name options started to run out … Soon there was a need for more or new TLD’s.

Here are some of the newer and more interesting domain extensions:

  • .photo
  • .tech
  • .space
  • .design
  • .attorney
  • .shop
  • .security

The list goes on …

Do you see where this is going? A unique marketing campaign requires a unique domain name and extension!  To stand out among the rest an interesting out-of-the-box domain name and extension will get you there!  Think of it as a custom number plate!



Your Dream Domain!

Finding a unique domain name can be challenging!  When you notice that all the great ideas you come up with are already in use, don’t lose interest!  There is a lot of help available online.  Check out Namemesh.  Ask family or friends to help you come up with a unique spin.  Use a Thesaurus. Research current trends.  Get in touch with a Web / Domain Host.

If all else fails you can look into purchasing a domain name … read the section in this article about the Domain Aftermarket.


Creating Great Domain Names!

Consider the important role a domain name plays in marketing your business or brand.  Choose wisely.  Think about how your business may grow and choose a name that will still be relevant many years from now!

Here are some tips to help you create a unique domain name!

  • Consider an interesting domain extension rather than .com
  • Shorter names are more memorable
  • Think how the words will impact when pronounced … more and more people are using voice search online
  • Avoid hyphens as it may be associated with spam domains

Once you think you have the right name for your venture, use a domain name generator to assist you:


  Domain Aftermarket – What is it?

Fact:  The domain you want is probably already registered!

It is estimated that around 100 000 domains are registered every day.  This makes is very difficult to find a unique, memorable domain name!  However, the domain aftermarket is an option when you have exhausted all others.

The Domain Aftermarket is an online marketplace where you register to bid and buy already registered domain names that are up for sale.  You may need the help of a lawyer to ensure all is above board.  If there are any domain trademark issues you can land yourself in hot water!  Also make sure your financial advisor is just a call away.  The domain aftermarket can be an expensive choice!

These are the main reasons a domain is available via the aftermarket:

  • The owner is selling
  • A domain is about to expire
  • Already expired domains
  • Domains not renewed – dropping domains

Purchase can take place via:

  • Auction
  • Domain Broker
  • Domain Investor


Trademarking a Domain Name

Trademarking a domain name protects you and your business.  It allows you to take legal action against those copycatting and benefitting from your unique domain name.  After all, it is about retaining your market share and credibility!

You can’t just trademark any name, it has to be truly unique and very much sought after.  Generic names, personal names and geographic reference rarely get trademarked.


Domain Fun Facts!

Expensive Domain Names Examples:

  • – $49.7 million
  • – $30 million
  • – $6 million

Reputable Providers of Domain Statistics:

The mMost Popular TLD’s in order of usage:

  • .com
  • .ru – the extension for Russia
  • .org


And there you have it!

You can now confidently trade domain related information with your techie buddies!


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