Time to up your game and start an online store!

Surviving LOCKDOWN & Beyond

The Coronavirus / Covid-19, has the entire world’s population on some level of lockdown!  Therefore consumers are limited to what they can buy as many brick and mortar stores are closed.  Online shopping is BOOMING!  Now, more than ever before, it is important to consider adding an online store to your business!


Online store trends

Where is eCommerce now, and where is it going?  The end of 2019 recorded eCommerce sales reaching $3.5 billion globally.  Predicted are that this will grow exponentially, under normal market conditions.  Currently the global Coronavirus pandemic has caused a disruption in everything ‘normal’. 2020 is likely to  record an unprecedented growth in online shopping.


Here are some of the predicted trends:

  • Mobile shopping is on the rise
  • More ways to pay is necessary
  • Consumers respond to video and AR.  Augmented Reality (technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view)
  • Offering subscriptions and loyalty benefits will keep consumers coming back
  • Optimization of digital strategies to drive conversions

Conducting a customer-needs analysis.  This will help you understand which products or services are most wanted  by your customers. Start with this when launching your online store.  Keep in mind that almost everyone is struggling financially.  A great way to draw online customers is by offering specials or give-aways.

When it comes to shopping, consumers are forced to learn new habits.  Many may very well continue shopping online even when lockdown is lifted.  Do not underestimate the easy of it, time-saving factor and convenience!  You need to plan on turning occasional customers into loyal, frequent clients.


How to create a great online store


There are many resources that will assist you in creating a great online store!  Find the resources that are easy to use, affordable, and offers a variety of options.  Before you start your online store, research the eCommerce resources options and find what suits your needs best.

These are some of the features you need to look at:

  • A great homepage!
  • Choose an eCommerce platform that offers your customers categories, product pages, filters and comparisons.
  • Reviews are super important! Online shopping does not allow the consumer to personally experience the product. They are likely to read reviews posted by previous customers.
  • Security is paramount! You do not want your details or your customer’s details hacked by cyber criminals!
  • Offer support through live chat facilities. Don’t ever leave a customer hanging!
  • Be clear on your policies – return, shipping, privacy


Which eCommerce platform to use for your online store?!


There are so many eCommerce platforms or plugins to choose from it can be overwhelming!  So research and plan carefully.  Consider what your customers prefer and what works for your business.

You are looking for a solution that offers:

  • A complete tool kit
    • Hosting
    • Design
    • Pricing
    • Payment options
    • Marketing tools
    • Reports
    • Enough storage space

Consider your level of technical knowledge.  For instance, if you can’t code, find a solutions that is ready-to-use with customization options.  You can personalize your store with discounts and loyalty programs. Choose a platform that offers 24/7/365 support as every second your store is down, you may be losing income.


WordPress eCommerce Solutions


WordPress is a globally trusted web, blog and online store platform.  In other words, you simply cannot go wrong when choosing one of the WordPress eCommerce solutions.

Let’s look at a couple of eCommerce options offered by WordPress:


How to market your online store


Consider the following when creating your online store’s marketing plan:

  • Offer deals on a regular basis
  • Run competitions
  • Promote give-aways
  • Sponsorship
  • Use social media – post product information, how-to videos, life hacks
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Try organic and paid for advertising
  • Google Shopping


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