What is ‘lockdown’ teaching us?


Almost the entire world is on lockdown.  Every country is feeling the impact of the #coronavirus #covid-19 outbreak.  We are all feeling the pinch …


What does Google Say?

When you type the phrase ‘effects of lockdown’ or ‘lockdown impact’ into Google, some of the following comes up as search results:


  • Tips on how to stay busy as a family during lockdown – be creative!
  • How is lockdown changing learning, specifically for scholars and students?
  • Is lockdown making us think about our spending habits?
  • Appreciating the freedom that we general are accustomed to – visiting family/friends or going to the store
  • Realising that you CAN exercise at home!

The Impact of ‘Flatten the Curve’ on the Economy

Countries like the USA are showing staggering rates of unemployment claims.  There is a global financial crisis.  Most countries are in recession or heading that way fast.  There are businesses that have completely been shut down as lockdown is not allowing us to go to movies, restaurants, retail stores …

Some economists are saying that what we are experiencing now, has not happened since 1918 – The Spanish Flu.

The prospects are bleak, as this is all heading towards businesses laying off workers and going bankrupt.


Lockdown and Small Businesses

This is catastrophic!

Many SME’s will not survive until the end of the month.  Some governments are offering rescue packages, banks are offering payment holidays.  But the picture is bleak.



Small businesses, such as cleaning services, spas, guesthouses, pet groomers and many, many more, cannot pay their staff, rent, or utilities.

Owners will not be able to draw a salary which means they cannot pay their bond or rent, school fees nor utilities.

Ultimately, loans, insurance, healthcare and food on the table will be at risk.


So, what are we really learning from LOCKDOWN?

Each one of us will learn something different.

But I think we can all agree on the following:



  • Think ‘out the box’
  • Be resilient!
  • Ask for help – dare to be vulnerable
  • Offer help – be kindness
  • Appreciation!


We are:

  • learning to live at a slower pace –which is a good thing!
  • strengthening our relationships as we have more time to text and video call friends and family, and really talk to them, really listen to what they have to say
  • reading, catching up on movies and series
  • cooking, instead of ordering in or going to restaurants.
  • spring cleaning – loads of stuff to donate to those less fortunate

Some may realise, for the first time, THAT …


Maybe up until now you were still doubtful that technology can play a positive part in your life, on a business or personal level.  You have grudgingly interacted with technology only because you were forced into certain situations.  You have stayed away from social media platforms, only read physical newspapers or magazines, do banking by standing in the queue at the actual bank, you. get in your car and drive to the shop to buy your groceries.  But now, you don’t have much of a choice!

Lockdown has forced you to start trusting technology.  You now use Facebook and video calls to stay in touch with loved ones around the world.  You have learned how to order groceries online.  Banking online is saving you time.  Reading online is just as good as the actual physical publication and in some instances news items are updated frequently so you are staying on top of new developments.  There are recipes online.  Arts and crafts websites or social pages to keep the little one’s busy. Older kids are doing online lessons to keep up with school work.


You are quietly grateful that the kids enjoy playing games online or on their PlayStations or Xbox’s because the days are lloooonng …

Be honest with yourself:  If technology was not available while going through this lockdown, how will you cope??!!


The Bottom Line – Is YOUR Business Visible Online?


Without technology very little will be possible.

97% of consumers use the internet to find stuff.

Which means: If YOUR business is not visible online, it will battle to survive, even under normal circumstances.

This is more true now than ever before!  Social distancing and lockdown due to the coronavirus or covid-19, has forced us indoors.

We rely on technology for:

  • our news,
  • entertainment,
  • education
  • exercise
  • and many other resources



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