What You Need to Know about Image Galleries


All websites make use of images that form part of page displays or blog articles.  It is stored in the WordPress media library and it is easy enough to manage when the image volumes are low.  The media library is generally found listed in the CMS user panel or dashboard.

However, if your business IS images / photos you will need to make use of an image gallery to assist with image management. Photographers need to choose image galleries to assist them in showcasing their photos.  Images use more storage space than text and different categories / folders may be necessary as well.  There are many WordPress plugins available that assist with creating image directories to ensure you professionally showcase your work.  WordPress also offer entire website themes for photographers!


In this article we discuss:

  • Showcasing Your Portfolio
  • The Purpose of Watermarks
  • Gallery Features
  • Photo Blogging



Showcasing Your Portfolio

Regardless of the type of photography you are into, showcasing your masterpieces is very important.  After all, your portfolio IS the actual products you offer prospective clients.

Like any other website, yours will have a Home page, About Us page and Contact Us page.  But the most important page on a photography website is the GALLERY.

To ensure that visitors can easily navigate your website and gallery use thumbnails or a slideshow function.  Looking through your portfolio should be effortless.

Creating directories and grouping photos together based on category helps visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

For example, if your skill is portraits you may offer your services as a wedding photographer, family portraits, celebrations – kids parties, anniversaries, engagements – or maybe you are a fashion or lifestyle photographer.  The point is you will need to categorise your photos.



The Purpose of Watermarks

For hundreds of years artists have signed their artwork.  Your photography portfolio is in essence YOUR artwork.  So why not sign it – with a watermark?  It will make it easy to identify the creator or artist.  A watermark can therefore also be used as a marketing tool!

Watermarks are also used in an attempt to stop people from illegally downloading and using your photos.  A watermark is a superimposed graphic and can consist of your logo, business name or contact details.  Place it in one of the corners of the image to avoid it distracting from the visual impact.

Take time when deciding what to use as your watermark.  Remember, it is a lasting impression on your artwork – your photographs.  It needs to be memorable and not take away anything from the original image or photo.



Gallery Features

There are so many gallery plugins and themes to choose from!  WordPress offers an extensive list of options.  Each photographer’s needs may differ.  Look at the features available and make a choice based on what suits YOUR needs best.

One of the most important features is a mobile-friendly gallery.  More people than ever before are using mobile devices to go online.  This is a good choice – Photo Gallery by 10Web

User experience is everything!  Make sure you choose a gallery plugin that offers high speed image loading.  We all know NOTHING irritates a web user more than sites that are S-L-O-W …  Have a look at  Envira Gallery Lite

There are many more features that are important so make sure you do your research!

Also consider how your gallery may need to grow and choose a theme or plugin that will allow future expansion.



Photo Blogging

Photo Blogging is a thing!  If you enjoy taking pics when travelling or eating great food or an avid sports fan, WordPress offer themes specific to photo blogging.  Have a look at Infinite Photography.

What do you need to start a photo blog?

  • Register a Domain
  • Find a Web Host
  • Choose a CMS – such as WordPress!

Now you can start creating your blog!  Upload your photos and categorise your directories!  Make sure your image gallery is organised from the word GO to avoid spending countless hours going through images / photos at a later stage!  Also, make sure you back-up your image directories on a regular.




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