What Your Web Hosting Company Should Offer You


OK!  Let’s GO!!!


  • Your social media pages are up and running!
  • There is a social media strategy in place!
  • Marketing and communications plan?  Check!
  • An online target market has been identified!
  • Are you READY to take the plunge and GO ONLINE with your WEBSITE???



This is all very exciting, and creating your website to best represent your business online, with a specific ‘look & feel’, is the FUN PART!

Keep in mind that no matter how awesome your website looks, if it’s not HOSTED by a web host … it is NOT searchable on the Internet … NO. ONE. CAN. FIND. YOU.


Sssoooo …the web hosting and domains and all the other techie stuff that goes with it, is where you now need to FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION!

Choose a host that suits your needs:

  • Do Research
  • Make a checklist
  • Ask the right questions

In this blog article, Open Host  will help you to better understand what is needed (behind the scenes!) to make sure your new website ROCKS!


What is your IT/technical skills level? 

It is a good idea to start HERE! Do you know someone who can assist you with the technical stuff?  No?  You will need to start HERE.  It is important to find a web host who offers ALL technical services and FULL support.  This will ensure the quick and easy publishing of your website, while also offering any services and maintenance you may need from here on.



Next, you need to look at your budget and discuss this with the prospective web hosts.  Good questions to ask are:

What are the –

  • initial costs,
  • monthly costs,
  • annual renewal costs?
  • any additional costs to add domains, email addresses?

Carefully consider hosts that offer it for free, investigate the limitations they may enforce:

  • limits to website traffic,
  • limited storage,
  • maximum file size uploads, and
  • adverts and pop-ups!


Analyse your needs

Prepare a list of questions for any potential web host and use these guidelines:

  • Plan ahead – does the host offer room for growth – what are your upgrade options?
  • How much storage (SSD Storage) space do you need – photos, videos and music take up a lot of space!

  • Are you offering an online store? How much traffic do you anticipate?
  • An online store will need e-commerce to facilitate payment – is this offered and supported?
  • Will you require databases?
  • Does the host’s servers offer high-speed performance, flexibility and security?


Service Delivery Solutions

Find a ‘one-stop-solution’, a webhost that offers all-round web hosting solutions.   Ask around and read recommendations, to find out how experienced, committed and reliable a web hosting company is.

Ideally you want a web host that offers:

  • 24/7 365 support,
  • self-help options through online tutorials,
  • and information via blog articles


There may be a lot more you need to consider as each website is unique, and it is a good idea to make contact with a webhost to start asking relevant questions.

Open Host offers many online solutions and informative articles on our Blog. Visit us at https://www.openhost.co.za/ to learn more about how we can help YOU!

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