Why does my business need a website?

Lockdown – Coronavirus – Covid-19

In a previous article we discussed how economies around the world are facing recession due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.  Businesses are battling and employees are facing possible job losses.  Small businesses may not survive the lockdown at all.

The way we do business has changed dramatically and very quickly.  It is adapt or die … But it is not all doom and gloom, this ‘forced bolt’ into the world of technology is the start of a brand new era – let’s EMBRACE IT!

It is now MORE IMPORTANT than ever before to –

  • think out the box,
  • pull out all the stops, and
  • make sure you do EVERYTHING possible to keep your business afloat!

If your business does NOT HAVE a website, now is the time to invest in one.

If your business already has a website, now is the time to do a thorough analysis and ensure it is functioning at optimal level. Consider adding a blog, for instance, or an online store.


Why is a business website so important?

Right now (the year 2020) the most important reason is LOCKDOWN!  SOCIAL DISTANCING!  Consumers all over the world are staying at home to FLATTEN THE CURVE.  The Internet is currently (in 2020) the MOST USED tool in the world – other than test kits and PPE’s.

This means the Internet is where YOU need to BE!  Consumers need to be able to FIND your business!

We discussed impressive Internet User Facts and Figures in a recent article.  Our prediction is that these figures are currently spiking due to more people using the Internet while stuck at home

What are consumers searching for  –

  • information,
  • entertainment,
  • online learning,
  • online shopping, and more

You need to consider that anyone of these Internet users is a POTENTIAL CLIENT for your business. However, CONSUMERS can only FIND you, IF you are ONLINE! You need a website!


The advantages of a business website

A business website is imperative to modern day business success.  Having a business website gives your business CREDIBILITY.  It helps CREATE AWARENESS of your brand, products and services. Your website will help consumers to BUILD a RELATIONSHIP with your company and in so doing they will DEVELOP TRUST in your products or services.  All of this is needed to ensure LONG-TERM relationships are encouraged = BRAND LOYALTY.


Most consumers find what they want or need ONLINE.  Researching a product or service online gives the consumer information that helps them make smarter choices.  In fact approximately 88% of consumers search for products and services online and make comparisons before purchasing it. The Internet has become the MODERN MARKETPLACE!


Consider the fact that you and your colleagues/employees work business hours – at some point you need to go home!  Your website, however, is still ACCESSIBLE to billions of consumers all around the globe!  There are no longer geographical or timeline barriers!  If you have an online store you could be making sales anywhere in the world, while sleeping!


Marketing is vital to all business – BIG or SMALL!

Online marketing may includes –

  • a website,
  • social media accounts,
  • email marketing,
  • and more.

Social media content has links that take the consumer where?  To your website!  They can then browse your website and learn more about your company and products/services or purchase via an online store.  Email marketing is fruitless without it redirecting the reader to a website where more information can be found, loyalty can be earned, and credible relationships can be built.


Saving money on advertising is another great reason to have a website and related online presence such as social media accounts.  Traditional means of advertising in newspapers, on radio and TV, or printing and distributing flyers, can be very costly with little return on investment.  Also, your reach is limited.

Remember, a website is –

  • on ANY DEVICE,
  • ANYWHERE in the world.

Online adverts have the ability to reach consumers all over the world, driving traffic to your website.


Have a look at our recent article discussing WordPress as a website builder, and all the additional tools offered – Plugins and Themes.

WordPress.org will give you the edge, is quick and easy to use and completely flexible which means you will soon have a professional, personalised and very impressive website, blog site or online store!

Visit OpenHost for more information on website hosting your WordPress site and domain registration.

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