Why You Need Domain Registration

You’ve heard that the internet is the next best thing to help you grow your business, so now you want to create a website, blog site or online store, because you want to offer your services or products to a larger audience.  However, this is all new to you and the geek-speak is going over your head, and you’re not sure you need all the stuff the IT dude is talking about …  Domains, Registration, Websites, Hosting …


Will help you make sense of it all!


Domains and Websites (Blog Site or Online Stores)

In order to have a website you FIRST need to register a DOMAIN. A domain is like an address (IP address), and this is how online visitors (who are your potential clients) find your website, blog site or online store when surfing the Internet.  Domain names and websites are two different things, but the one is reliant on the other – they ‘work’ together.



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Next, let’s look at a WEBSITE – It’s a set of related web pages (files) located under a single domain name.

The web pages/files are where you store information about your company, for example:


Internet, Browsers and Servers

Let’s take one step back and look at the BIGGER picture:

The INTERNET or www (world wide web), is a network of computers/servers connected to each other and these computers are identified through IP addresses (domain names).

A BROWSER is a software program interface used to explore the Internet.  Examples of browsers are Google, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

SERVERS are computers sharing resources/information/data. This is where websites are stored. Your website (and domain) needs to be hosted on a server in order for online visitors to find it.


Web Hosts

Web Hosts are companies who provide the necessary skills, services and technology you need for your website to be searchable on the Internet.  It’s like ‘renting space’ on a large computer to store the files that make up your website/blog site/online store.  In our next article we will discuss different types of hosting options.



Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Now, let’s see how this all fits together:

Someone types a word/phrase  – Open Host – into a browser, it is translated into the IP address (string of numbers) = Domain Name. It is routed to the server with that IP address, where your website is hosted.  The web pages/files found on the web host server at that particular domain/IP, is sent back to the person who originally typed the name into the browser. And there you have it!  Someone searched the Internet and found YOU!


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