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In this article we explore Plugins for WordPress web and blog sites.  We look at:

  • what plugins are,
  • examples of plugins,
  • what plugins do, and more!


 What are Plugins and why do you need it?

 Plugins (it functions as add-ons) are pieces of software that are designed to perform a specific set of functions, such as display content that was not originally designed for your  web or blog site.  It adds a specific kind of feature, to your self-hosted web or blog site. Add-ons (plugins) are great resources allowing your website to function in ways it was not originally designed to do.


 WordPress Plugins

 WordPress plugins only works with self-hosted WordPress sites , by installing WordPress.org, and gives you the freedom to create and change your web or blog site as and when you please!  If you choose a WordPress.com hosted website you are unable to freely customize your website.  Carefully research and consider your choices, taking into account the possible need to expand your web or blog site, before making a final decision.

WordPress plugins are open-source software and free to everyone, providing you with many different functions to ensure your website provides the ultimate experience to each visitor.  In the future you may want to add an online store to your website, or add additional pages such as a blog, and this is where WordPress Plugins will come in handy!


What does WordPress Plugins offer?

A WordPress.org self-hosted web or blog site may be too basic for what you have in mind.  After all, we are all different, have very different ideas, and need different results.  With WordPress Plugins you can transform your website into an online store, for example.  Here are some functions you may be looking for:

  • Improved user experience
  • Additional security
  • Faster site upload time
  • Workflow streamlining
  • Improved website appearance


Examples of WordPerss Plugins

Yoast – WordPress SEO – https://yoast.com/

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process to route organic, un-paid for (no advertising) traffic to your website.  Search engines, such as Google, respond to a request  you type into the search field, for example “what is self-hosting websites”, and searches different websites on the Internet to better understand what the site is about.  Good SEO practices will help push your website to the first results page.

Yoast SEO for Everyone, offers:

  • More visitors from Google and Bing to your web or blog site
  • More visitors from social media to your web or blog site
  • Increased readers’ engagement, which means visitors to your site who are invested in and interactive with the content

Wordfence Security – https://www.wordfence.com

Wordfence Security is an end point firewall.  A firewall prevents unauthorised access to your website/servers) and malware scanner.  Malware is software specifically designed to disrupt or damage computer systems or gain unauthorised access.  Wordfence identifies and blocks malicious traffic to your website.

Woo Commerce – https://woocommerce.com/

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce (commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet) functionality to your WordPress website.  This means you can trade via an online store. With just a few clicks, your WordPress website turns into a fully-functional e-commerce website!

Thrive Architect – https://thrivethemes.com/architect/

Thrive Architect is a visual webpage builder and is designed specifically for the entrepreneur, ensuring quick results and is easy to use!  Instant drag and drop options allow you to build your webpage as fast the ideas in your head!  You don’t need any tech knowledge such as design and coding.  These types of pre-built conversion elements assist you to grow your web or blog site!


 Examples of other types of Plugins

There are many other types of plugins available to improve your online experience, such as:


Online resources are just about UNLIMITED!

There is something for just about EVERYONE!

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