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What are web or blog site THEMES?

When you surf the net there are sites that automatically draw your attention, others you dislike immediately.  It’s not necessarily the content of the site impacts your opinion, it’s often first impressions, the ‘look and feel’ of the site.

People’s tastes differ.  We often have vastly different ideas when it comes to styles – the look and feel of things.  Just consider our dress sense, the way we decorate our homes … some people follow new trends as a rule.  Others have created their own style over the years, regardless of what is currently trending.

There is a specific image you have in mind for YOUR web or blog site , based on your personal preferences, your likes and dislikes and your business’s image.  You may have done research and understand what draws a visitor to a site and keeps them browsing.  All of this will ultimately determine what your web or blog site will look like.  And this is called a theme.

A theme is the aesthetics of your web or blog site that will improve the visitor’s experience.  This is made up of many different elements such as font types, colour palettes, layout, pictures, backgrounds, navigation and more.  All of these elements work together to create your web or blog sites ‘look and feel’ – the theme.


Why do I need a THEME?

Your web or blog site will be competing against millions of others on the Internet.  It’s not only the content that is important.  First impressions count!  The visitor’s experience matters.  To keep a visitor interested so they continue to browse your site and regularly return to it, you will have to utilize many different features, one of which is design, the aesthetics, which includes the theme.  Choosing the right theme is vitally important to the success and growth of our site!


WordPress Themes

Building a web or blog site from scratch using coding will require a unique skill.  So if you are not tech savvy  or know an IT guru who will create the site for you, you will need to use a website builder, such as WordPress.

To help you with the aesthetics of your site, WordPress offers thousands of different themes to choose from.  There is literally something for everyone!  Every conceivable industry is represented.  WordPress multi-purpose themes are some of the best to choose from on the Internet, easy to use ***** and also offer many added benefits, such as plugins, (wordpress plugins) to enhance your site!

On offer are custom solutions you can use to build your site from scratch, or give your existing site a face lift! The ready-made layouts are very effective and easy to use. Step-by-step installation instructions are available, so no matter how technologically challenged you may be you will find the process quick and easy!

Regardless of the many different features you want to showcase on your site, you will find a theme that appeals to you and fits in with your ideas, including customized logos, page footers, navigation of pages, and so much more.  Most importantly, all themes are created to be SEO-friendly.  You will find themes that suit corporate sites, portfolio sites, blog sites, ecommerce … the choices are almost endless!


Types of WordPress Themes

More than 3 500 WordPress themes are available.  Whether you are in corporate business, news, tech, entertainment, sport, social or the shopping industry, there is a WordPress theme that suits your needs!

Some of the web and blog site content powered by WordPress include:

  • Blogging or Personal – this is why WordPress was originally created
  • Business
  • eCommerce – online stores
  • Directories
  • Non-profits
  • Portfolios

And more!


Are you ready to get started? 

Do some research and create a mood board or framework with references to your specific needs such as font style and colour palettes.  Then go and get inspiration from one of the many platforms offering WordPress themes, such as Divi.  Divi offers high quality, engaging content, built to keep the visitor browsing.

Divi’s motto: ‘The sky is the limit’!


Remember, if you want to self-host  your website, choose WordPress.org, choose a reputable domain and web host, and then … the online world is our oyster!

Visit OpenHost for:

And much more!

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