Why choose WordPress as your CMS?



With so many great CMS (Content Management Systems) available, why do we at OpenHost prefer WordPress?  Allow us to tell you …

In this article we cover the following:

  • What is CMS?
  • Support everywhere!
  • Customization is KING!
  • Loads of FREE stuff!
  • Who loves WordPress?


What is CMS?

CMS stands for: Content Management System.

In essence, it is a software application. It is what you need to create a website if you have no or limited technical knowledge!

If you don’t know how to code, a CMS provides you with everything you need!  Code is computer language.  A computer only understands YES and NO.  It can also be translated as ON and OFF.  Computer language is called BINARY CODE, a mathematical language consisting of ONES and ZEROS.

The dilemma is that everyone wants a website, but not everyone is versed in code or computer language. For this very reason CMS’s were created!  It can be used to create and manage a website without any coding knowledge!  User-friendly interfaces allows you to do just about everything with the click of your mouse!


Support everywhere!

No matter how much tech knowledge you think you have, at some point you will need help with an issue.  WordPress prides itself on great support!  There are a multitude of options at your finger tips!

You can use WordPress:

Or simply got to WordPress Support and choose an option or type in your question.

And then there is …  WordCamp!  WordCamps are global conferences where WordPress users can share ideas, solve problems and get to know each other.  These are great for building relationships and support systems!

Currently there are WordCamps in 368 cities across 65 countries!  Find one near you and GO!


Customization is KING!

Simply read the WordPress Mission Statement!  The freedom to do just about anything make WordPress one of the top CMS’s available.  WordPress.org is open source, which means anyone has access to the source code.  This allows collaboration and contribution from a passionate community.  As a result, YOU, the user, benefit greatly!

Changing themes and adding plugins is quick and easy.  No matter your industry or requirements, there is a customization solution for everyone!  Creating professional websites or blog sites has never been easier!


Loads of FREE stuff!

WordPress.org software is FREE!  Simply download and install it on your web server and start creating your website, blog site or online store!  The software is owned by a non-profit – WordPress Foundation.

But wait … there is more!

Although there are paid-for themes and plugins available, there are also plenty of FREE stuff to choose from.

Look for Free stuff here:


Who loves WordPress?

Google LOVES WordPress!  And that is very important!

This is why:

  • WordPress makes it very easy for users to add new content – Google LOVES new content!
  • Google LOVES SEO! There are many tools available with WordPress to ensure this
  • WordPress offers responsive websites (mobile-friendly) which are pushed to the top of Google search results

Web hosts LOVE WordPress – it is easy to migrate, maintain and support!

You love it!  We love it!  Why?

  • WordPress is available in over 100 languages
  • Thousands of themes and plugins are at your finger tips
  • We are all welcome to get involved:
    • Core Team
    • Design Group
    • Mobile Team
    • Accessibility Expertise
    • And more!

Your dream website, blog site or online store is within your reach! 

This is what you need to do before getting started:

  • Find a Web Hosting Services
  • Register a Domain
  • Do your research – industry, competitors
  • Decide on a look and feel for our site or store
  • Check out which WordPress themes and plugins works for you
  • Plan ahead – consider growth
    • Hosting options offered by the web host
    • Storage space options on the web host’s server
    • Registration of more domains
    • Plugins to assist your venture going forward


OpenHost has more than 20 years industry experience with domain registration, web hosting services and more.

Speak to us.  We are here to help!

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