Take your business website to the next level! Surviving LOCKDOWN

Being visible online has never been more important that NOW!  Consumers are stuck at home due to lockdown, they are surfing the ‘net’ so now is YOUR chance be discovered! Let’s have a look at what you can do to IMPROVE your potential customer’s experience when visiting your web or blog site.  How can you get more business out of your online presence?!


Research the latest website trends

Staying on top of what is trending online is imperative to ensure your website can compete at the highest level!

New design trends offer a fresh and desirable ‘look’ for websites. A lot of research is done to ensure designers, website builders and the like, stay at the top of their game!

Let’s have a look at some of the popular trends:

  • Gradients – adds depth the flat, or white layouts
  • Dark Mode – very dramatic! Not for those lacking courage!
  • Bold Font – lets the headline catch the attention
  • Emotional Design – elicits appropriate feelings and allows the visitor to connect with your brand, product or service
  • Data Visualization – makes for visually engaging stories, instead of cold hard facts and figures.


Website layout, content and SEO

Keeping a website visitor’s attention, ensuring they return and also reference your website, is first prize!

Web design offering awesome features to the visitor is what you are looking for.  Mobile-friendly and retina-ready are new buzz words and is very important!

Here are some of the elements to consider:

  • Font – Hand-drawn font styles are super popular
  • Colour – Neon colours are in! As are futuristic colour schemes
  • Animation – from modern call to action buttons to 3D flip card animation
  • Video Content – teach your audience about your products and services using video
  • SEO – voice search is a thing! ‘Hey Google’ is probably the best example.  There is also Alexa and Siri.  You will need to research and modify your SEO strategy to optimize voice search


Consider upgrading to a WordPress website

What is WordPress?  WordPress  (WordPress.org) is a free, open source software, website builder.  Here are some of the latest statistics related to WordPress websites, and it speaks for itself!

WordPress Facts:

Do you need more convincing?


WordPress Themes that work!

What are WordPress Themes? Let’s recap from a previous article …

There is a specific image you have in mind for YOUR web or blog site , based on your personal preferences, your likes and dislikes and your business’s image.  You may have done research and understand what draws a visitor to a site and keeps them browsing.  All of this will ultimately determine what your web or blog site will look like.  And this is called a theme. A theme is the aesthetics of your web or blog site that will improve the visitor’s experience.  WordPress offers over 7 000 different themes for your web or blog site.

Theme elements on offer are:

  • Layout – Grid, Columns, Sider Bars, Blocks
  • Features – Custom Background, Logo, Colours, Headers, Menu and more
  • Subject – Blog, eCommerce, Education, News and more

It will be difficult not to find what you have in mind!


WordPress Plugins that work!

WordPress Plugins (it functions as add-ons) are pieces of software that are designed to perform a specific set of functions, such as display content that was not originally designed for your  web or blog site.  It adds a specific kind of feature, to your self-hosted web or blog site. Add-ons (plugins) are great resources allowing your website to function in ways it was not originally designed to do.

 WordPress offers more than 55 000 plugins!

Have a look at these:

  • Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization and helps you increase your website traffic Woo Commerce – eCommerce plugin used by more than 4 million websites
  • Thrive Architect – super fast visual page builder. Convert the ideas in your head into web pages – quick and easy
  • Monster Insights – helps with Google Analytics so you may see how people find and use your website
  • Sucuri – having treat security is one of the best things you can do when for your web or blog site


This is a lot of great information, and we hope that it inspires you to revisit your current website or blog, and ultimately choose to update or upgrade it into 2020 and beyond!

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