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Surviving LOCKDOWN and Beyond

 Is your business visible online?

 This is the age of technology! This is also 2020 and there is a global pandemic, Covid-19, or Coronavirus, which has shut down life as we know it!  There is no more ‘business-as-usual’.

Both the above are GOOD reasons why YOUR business needs to be visible online!  You need social media accounts and a WEBSITE – to start with!

I know, this is easier said than done.  If you have relied on traditional business methods up until now, launching a website may seem daunting.  Maybe you have an existing website, and need to consider adding features to enhance your online presence.

Don’t worry!  OpenHost has you covered!  In this article we have a look at the natural progression most business take to get online, or enhance their online visibility. In both instances, you will never look back!  The advantages is simply too great!

Register a Domain

What is a domain?  Why do you need it?

A domain is the web address for your website, in other words, a domain name is the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your website, similar to your home address.

It consists of a string of characters/numbers and this gives your website identify on the Internet.  An example of this is  Remembering a string of characters or numbers, is not easy for most people, hence, domain names where invented, for example, openhost.co.za.  A domain name is needed to be visible online and to navigate the Internet.  For example, when someone types a specific domain name – openhost – into the Internet browser, it sends a request to the servers and offers you a list of results to choose from.   Registering a domain is therefore always the FIRST STEP to getting online.  In a previous article we discussed this at length and also offered insights into choosing a domain name.


Find a Web Host

What is web hosting and why do you need it?

Web Hosts are companies who provide the necessary skills, services and technology you need for your website to be searchable on the Internet.  It’s like ‘renting space’ on a large computer to store the files that make up your website/blog site/online store.

What a reputable web host should offer you:
  • Flexibility to update/change your website
  • Flexible budget options
  • Full technical support if you are not tech savvy
  • Great service delivery

Read this article where we provide more guidelines when choosing your web host.


You Need a Website for Your Business!

The definition of ‘Website’

A collection of related pages located under a single domain name, on the World Wide Web that contains specific information, created and maintained to serve a variety of purposes and traces back to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Most commonly, a website provides information about your business, products and/or services.  From very basic information such as where and how your business can be reached, to in-depth information about your company’s culture, range or products/services and pricing.  Your website should, however, offer much more than this.

A well-maintained website should:
  • give you a competitive edge,
  • promote your business,
  • draw visitors who could, ultimately, be converted into long term clients!
  • A GREAT customer journey is key!
  • Brand continuity is a must!

WordPress offers great website options and is currently the market leader as a free website builder!


Add a Blog

But … “Why?!”, you ask.

There are many reasons why a blog benefits business and improve online rankings.

Business blogging can help you:
  • Reach your target market,
  • Grow your customer base, and
  • Increase your sales

Blogging Facts:
  • there are more than 1.5 billion blogs
  • between 70% and 80% of internet users ignore paid for adverts and focus purely on organic search results, such as blog posts
  • More than 70% of internet users read blog articles
  • a blog post is powerful enough to influence a purchase


Consider an Online Store

Imagine you are able to sell your products 24/7/365 … globally!  This is just one of the benefits of having an online store!  eCommerce is taking over the world.  It has, along with the Internet, revolutionized shopping!  Convenience is probably the biggest perk, followed by variety.

Let’s look at this:
  • Convenience – easy price comparison, easy product comparison, shop anytime, anywhere, delivery to your door
  • Variety – access to retailers worldwide, access to brands anywhere. You may even be able to find unique items, never available in any walk-in-store!

Right now, during lockdown, walk-in-stores in many countries around the world are closed.  Imagine how many sales they are losing.  Imagine how many sales YOU can still make IF you have an online store!

Speak to us about your needs and concerns.

OpenHost has been in business for 20 years, and are committed to simple, self manageable, web hosting solutions.

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